Are you up for a healthy beverage? Sit tight and have a cup of “Kombucha.” That’s right! This drink has its origins in the far east, and the date goes back almost a couple of thousands of years. “Immortal Health Elixir” was the term used by the Asians or more precisely, the Chinese for this fascinating drink.

This particular drink is made through the process of fermentation of the black tea with the addition of sugar. This sugar can come from a lot of different sources including but not limited sugarcane, fruits or honey is used as a functional food.

Like most of the other fermented drinks or beverages, the factors responsible for the process of fermentation are bacteria and a specific kind of yeast. But the difference in this fermentation is that the process initiates only when bacteria and yeast combine with sugar. Now, this fermented product becomes carbonated pretty quickly, and some things become the very part of its nature.

These include vinegar, some active enzymes, vitamin-b, and a bunch of acids (lactic, acetic, and gluconic) in a very large quantity. These things have very diversified, long lasting and healthy outcomes. Some of the effects are as follows:

  • Considerably better metabolism and digestion
  • Loss of weight
  • Removal of toxins and cleansing of blood
  • Energy boost
  • Improvement in joint pain
  • Better immunity
  • Prevention of cancer disease

Customarily it is made from black tea, but green tea is extremely efficient as well and is fermented, after the addition of sugar, through ‘SCOBY’ that is an acronym for Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast.

Its easiness in making makes it possible for you to make Kombucha at your home within a very short time but if you are not in the mood, $3-$5 won’t hurt you while you are at a coffee shop or health food store.

Kombucha has quite a lot of probiotics in it as well which is pretty handy for the body. Some of them are as follows:

  • Gluconacetobacter is present in excess of 85% in most of the samples.
  • Acetobacter is only in the ratio of about less than 2%
  • Lactobacillus in some samples has shown appearance up to 30%.
  • Zygosaccharomyces is the most found probiotic in Kombucha which is present in a quantity that is greater than 95%.

All of the figures mentioned above have been published in the renowned journal Food Microbiology, and they claim that this amazing beverage contains all of the above. So as a result, this unique bonding of healthy bacteria and yeast in this fascinating beverage provides a significant number of benefits to the drinker’s health.

Researchers from all around the globe acknowledge the benefits of Kombucha. A most recent study done by some researchers from the University of Latvia, which was published in the Medicinal Food Journal’s 2014 Edition indicate the same. Their final statement is as follows:

“It is shown that [kombucha] can efficiently act in health preservation and recovery due to four main properties: detoxification, antioxidation, energizing potencies, and promotion of boosting immunity.”

We have no doubt about it at all. To be fair, if we think about what the research has got to say, then there are five significant health-related benefits of Kombucha ‘. While there are numerous benefits of this “Elixir,” some of the key ones are explained here.

1. Detoxification

Kombucha is a very effective detoxifier and has a great capacity which can be exemplified as the way it manages and reduces the destructive effects of toxins in the liver cells.

Different studies were carried out to test different possible outcomes of the product, but so far it has been pretty good. Researchers found out in a study that due to its property of “Anti-Oxidation” it can be beneficial for patients with liver disease where oxidative stress is a crucial factor.

2. Digestion

Since the tea contains quantities of active enzymes and different kinds of acids and probiotics profoundly, better digestion is inevitable. Leaky gut and stomach ulcers can also be treated through Kombucha because it has been tested in laboratories and the research is also available to second this statement. GERD, ulcers and heat burns can be treated through Prilosec and yeah you guessed it right! Kombucha has the ability to act as an alternative for the said medicine.

Candida yeast can sometimes overcrowd in the gut and to manage its number, Kombucha can be used which can bolster the development of healthy bacteria within the gut but it needs to be understood that problems related to guts are not that easy to handle and patience is needed during the time when the symptoms get even more worse before getting better eventually.

All this happens because of the pathogenic bacteria present in the live probiotic cultures of the tea limit the production of the Candida yeast. As a result, their number decreases. As a result, healthy bacteria help the body in digestion.

3. Energy

Iron is released from the black tea during the process of fermentation. This is the ability that bolsters the energy providing nature of Kombucha. Caffeine and b-vitamins also prove to be quite amazing in this regard.

Chelation is a unique mechanism with which iron is released into the blood stream and so as a result hemoglobin is boosted that can make better provision of oxygen to cellular tissues and the energy production is initiated. Regular drinkers feel more energy because of this process.

4. Immune Health

The general impact that kombucha needs to regulate the immune system is best found in its capacity to control free radicals through cancer prevention agents.

D-saccharic corrosive 1, 4-lactone (DSL) is a capable antioxidant and is clinically demonstrated to diminish oxidative anxiety and related immunosuppression. It is found only during the process of fermentation which results in the final product being Kombucha and is not available in the black tea alone.

Researchers believe that the principle elements of protection of cells and inflammatory diseases, abnormal cell growths and the overall depression of the immune system are DSL and the c-vitamins present in it. Additionally, probiotics are also present in this mixture, which are of great help to the immune system.

5. Joint Care

Joint problems are probably the most quickly progressing, and the number of people suffering from them is increasing every day. Just one of the reasons is that there is no cure for such a disease. Kombucha provides patients with such diseases a silver lining because it can be very beneficial in repairing, healing, and preventing joint damage.

Preservation of collagen is supported by synovial hyaluronic acid which is produced by glucosamines, and they are provided by Kombucha. And so as a result, the pain of arthritis is reduced or managed.

6. Cancer Prevention

Cancer Letters is a journal for cancer research. There was a unique study published in the said journal which stated that glucaric acid could be a way of avoiding cancer. Kombucha is incredibly rich in this fantastic acid as explained above and so it can be of great importance. It is interesting to know that President Reagan allegedly consumed it on a day to day basis during his fight against the stomach cancer.

7. Weight Loss

As explained earlier, research has been performed on the product with different things as the focal point. In 2005, there was a study which indicated better metabolism and lesser fat accumulation in the body because of the composition of the fermented product which is quite rich in acetic acid and polyphenols.

This means that it can be a very healthy way of losing weight and making sure of the fact that no side effects are involved. Of course, the research is only in the beginning stages, and we need more data to support it, but it feels like this might be a very healthy solution for obese patients.